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“The second important concept is that wet gloves are COLD, no matter what the marketing BS claims. Most people who get cold hands go and buy a pair of “fat” gloves . . . , and their hands get cold ’cause the fat glove gets sweaty inside and is then cold. So they go buy a “warmer” glove . . . , which they then sweat inside, get cold, repeat. Imagine trying to hike and climb in a down jacket; you’d sweat to death and freeze. Yet this is what people try to do with their hands all the time, it makes zero fucking sense. Multiple pairs of light, DRY gloves will be far warmer, lighter and functional than one pair of “warm” fat gloves in the vast majority of conditions. Guaranteed. I like Windstopper gloves.”

Will Gadd

This passage is not eloquent or particularly well written, but I thought the author’s rhetoric and language choice was an interesting way to establish a certain footing with his readers. I believe he comes off as arrogant and consciously (in my opinion) projects and image of superiority. This establishes a particular superior to subordinate footing with his readers. Although he is probably allowed to be since he is a world champion ice climber. His readers are mostly alpine enthusiasts, so words like “fat” and “Windstopper” are examples of accommodation for his audience. His use of the f-word shows his harsh, yet passionate attitude about the subject.


Why do humans live the way we do? We pollute, eat unhealthy, live WAY beyond our means, overly consume, and then have overly consuming babies that pick up where we left off. Dumb. Irresponsible. Down right wrong. It kills me.  I see it every day.  Parents taking their obese, diabetes ridden child to Mcdonald’s. One meal, 5 bucks, and several layers of paper and plastic to be thrown away in a matter of seconds. A one pop bang recipe for obesity, pollution, and extra pocket money for big agro.  It’s an f***ing mess. Our population is too large.  Combine that with an over consuming society and you have a recipe for disaster. It’s mostly unintentional, IMO. I don’t think people are inherently evil. Most people don’t realize the impact their having on the earth and themselves. Their minds are continuously warped by BS marketing claims from companies trying to sell their worthless crap that will in short get added to our MONSTROUS landfills.  Still, NO EXCUSE.  The solution. Not sure. Vasectomies. Probably not going to happen. Nuclear War wiping out a good majority of the population and industrial buildings. Harsh, but probably the best thing for the planet and ourselves.  We have gotten soft.  Our grandfathers grew up in the depression. Ask them about what saving really.  They probably have a few dollars and some penny’s in a lock box under their casket. We are too complacent.  Education is the key. Listen to what I say. Take action now. Spread the word. Success is just beyond the horizon. Done.

William Motley