Epideictic (Portfolio Revised)

Food and Cooking-Epideictic

Beep…beep…beep…beep!  That is the sound that pierces your head every morning, as lay like a stone against your soft sheets.  Most people are not fond of that sound.  However most people wake up to two pieces of processed, over toasted bread, slathered with white, chemical filled butter, and a hot cup of instant coffee that slides down your throat like acid rain mixed with muddy water.  Ok, maybe a little over the top.  But seriously, we as people need to start taking full responsibility for our health.  One of the best ways to do this is eating fresh, local, and organic food.  This is the food we were meant to eat; the food of our ancestors.  We were not meant to eat puffed cereal that is put through and extruder at temperatures so high that nothing survives except pure high glycemic carbohydrate. We were not meant to eat vegetable oils that have been cleaned, pressurized, deodorized, and refined.  We were not meant to combined vegetables, fruit, meat, and fish with MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, BPA, phthalates, preservatives, stabilizers, yellow #5, blue #6, and certainly not red #7. What we should eat is food that has been picked or has grazed on fresh, fertile, mineral rich soil.    Food that buries it’s legs into organic soil, bustling  with living organisms as the minerals slide up it’s roots.  Food that hangs out with its friends in the bright and beating sun.  Food that grazes on fresh, green, and rapidly growing grasses of the pasture.  Food that swims in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean and hides out in the shallow parts of the bay. Food that bursts with life out of the ground when it’s given blood, bone, and manure.  .  Well it’s time now.  Forget about wasting your wallet away at the health food store. Go to your local farmers market, get to know your farmer, and met some friends along the way.  Just by switching the food you eat will lead you to greater health, happiness, and a deeper connection to earth’s creatures.


To use imagery in this piece I tired to use as much description as possible.  I would stop and imagine exactly the action that I was doing, and then described it in as much detail as possible so I could convey that image to the reader.


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